5 traits that the best Fleet Managers will possess

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The 5 characteristics of an excellent Fleet Manager

The fleet manager has an important role in any fleet-related business. Additionally, firms across different sectors, from customer service to logistics, depend on vehicles to deliver their products to customers smoothly. This accelerates the importance of managing vehicles and their drivers well.

Many fleet managers have long and even fascinating careers. However, to thrive in their industries requires certain skills. Here we will look at some of the key characteristics that the best fleet managers possess.

  1. Technology-savvy

Fleet management is an industry that is driven by technology. Even small fleets are tapping on fleet management technology to improve the management of their vehicles and drivers.

A good fleet manager will be able to analyse and study the various technological innovations in fleet management. Afterwards, he will use his knowledge and expertise to find the most suitable one to put into use. Of course, fleet managers are also careful to ensure that what they have chosen fits the needs and goals of their fleet.

Fleet managers who perform exceptionally well are those who are able to utilise and embrace technology. Consequently, they can teach what they have acquired about fleet management technology to their staff.

  1. Flexible in thinking

The best fleet managers are very adaptable. Fleets are constantly on the move and the objectives of fleets are always changing. Even the fleet management technology that is available may differ from time to time.

Quality fleet managers possess great ability to adjust and adapt as needed for their fleet. Those who refuse to embrace change often do not last very long in this field. In fact, a fleet manager who is successful is not only willing to accept change, but thrives on it.

  1. Willing to try new things

Sometimes, drivers may give suggestions to a fleet manager. Their inputs are often very constructive because they have on-the-field experience. For example, a driver may propose a solution for more effective vehicle routing to improve delivery times and reduce fuel consumption.

While fleet managers are ‘experts’ in the team, good fleet managers are those who are open-minded and willing to something new. They need to balance this up with the wisdom that comes from being an excellent leader.

  1. Good team leader

Fleet management is much more than route monitoring and using fleet tracking systems to operate the fleet smoothly. Fleet managers have a management role and must be able to lead a team well to achieve success.

Effective leadership starts with being able to work well in a team. Quality fleet managers are the ones who are willing to get their hands dirty and perform all the tasks of the fleet.

They make an effort to establish a strong rapport with their drivers. They also build strong connections with the other management professionals in the firm and the service providers who take care of the vehicles.

By building good relationships and being a good team player, fleet managers can unite their team and work towards the objectives of the firm.

  1. Possess good time management

Possessing good time management and scheduling skills is crucial for fleet managers. They need to manage delivery times and service calls to ensure that maintenance is done at the point where it is scheduled.

Fleet managers that schedule maintenance effectively are able to reduce down time. For small fleets, keeping vehicles on the road is especially crucial. Hence, time needs to be managed efficiently to ensure that preventative maintenance happens.

Fleet management is a field where technological skills, management skills and time management are crucial. Fleet managers who are able to thrive in their jobs often possess a diverse set of skills, adapt to change and thrive in a demanding industry.


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