5 reasons why your fleet needs a proper route planning system

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Planning your route comes with more benefits than just reduced fuel costs

Perhaps one of the most advantageous aspects of planning your route through a fleet management system is the reduced consumption of fuel. However, fleet route planning actually comes with several more benefits, such as better management of drivers, easier planning of workflow and more satisfied customers.

Here we take a closer look at five of the key benefits of fleet route planning.

  1. Fleet managers can plan the shortest route for their vehicles

Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with high quality route optimisation. Through this feature, fleet managers can select the shortest routes for all jobs. This consequently reduces the time and cost for your firm even in the long term.

Furthermore, with its 24/7 live tracking feature, clients of Skyfy can access the status of their workers and make route adjustments on the spot. This also means that even during rush hour or heavy traffic, fleet managers can still help to choose the most optimal route.

With the web-based monitoring feature of Skyfy’s fleet management system, dispatchers can also plan journeys that help every vehicle to save fuel, reduce deterioration and meet delivery times better.

  1. Efficient scheduling

Through 24/7 live tracking, fleet managers can access critical fleet information such as location, speed, ignition status and mileage. By analysing this data (which will be recorded in the system), it is much easier to pick the right driver for the right route.

Furthermore, managers can easily track if more manpower is needed to carry out a certain task. This reduces the need for overtime, which is a source of money leakage especially during peak times.

  1. Helps managers to plan the workflow

Skyfy’s fleet management system offers a full range of reports that allow for effective reviews and management. Through analysing and studying the information, fleet managers can effectively plan the route and workflow of each driver.

Additionally, managers can use the data to analyse which routes are the least efficient and consider other routes for each vehicle in the fleet. This boosts productivity and helps the company to lower its operational costs.

Another key aspect of Skyfy’s fleet management system is that it allows fleet managers to monitor driver behaviour. Through this feature, one can understand and evaluate the driving behaviour of each driver in the fleet. By tracking the behaviour of each personnel, fleet managers can also review the efficiency of current methods in the firm.

  1. Reduced fuel costs

Using the shortest route for all jobs ensures that every vehicle in the fleet consumes less fuel, which is one of the greatest expenses for transportation companies. When fleet managers can ensure that each vehicle is using fuel effectively, there is also less need to buy new vehicles. This will lead to less replacement and repair costs.

Skyfy’s fleet management system allows companies to track their fuel expenditure. Through this feature, fleet managers can analyse vehicle’s fuel expenses history through the system and check which aspects can be worked on to save money.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction

With a good fleet management system, dispatchers can make the necessary adjustments to the route of vehicles in real time.

Effective route planning also means that deliveries can be made on time, allowing the company offer better services to its customers. With satisfied companies, there will be better retention and more referrals, boosting the reputation and popularity of the firm.


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