6 Benefits A Fleet Management System Can Bring For SMEs in 2018

fleet management system benefits
What are the benefits of a Fleet Management System?
There are countless online discussions about different features and benefits and there is no article that wraps it up.
As a result, I’ve generated a simple infographic on fleet management benefits for SMEs in 2018.

If you’re looking for a general overview of fleet management system benefits that you can use for a sales pitch or even for your college project, you’re at the right place.

Disclaimer: The infographic below depicts what a reliable fleet management system should offer to their customer.


Fleet Management System Benefits

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Here’s more information about the infographic:

1. Cost Reduction

Every fleet management system serves a purpose.

The fundamental purpose is to reduce operation costs and increase productivity.

There are several ways a fleet management system can reduce cost.

  • Route optimization

Route optimization allows you to shorten your routes with a single click!

With shorter routes planned, fuel cost is greatly reduced.

According to our clients, they have saved almost 40% just on fuel in 1 year after implementing our system!

skyfy technology route optimization

  • Proper Fleet Management

With proper fleet management, numerous aspects of the vehicle can be improved.

Also, fuel, depreciation cost, maintenance cost, etc can be decreased by implementing a fleet management system.

By monitoring your fleet carefully, maintenance cost, and driver downtime can be greatly reduced.

Find out more in this article on: How to Save Cost by using Fleet Management System




  • Fuel card

This feature might not be exactly what a fleet management system company might provide to you.

Not every company is able to connect with another fuel company.esso fleet card skyfy

Besides, having a fuel card that can track your fuel consumption and refill rate is essential in monitoring and maintaining visibility over your fleet cost.

What’s more, a fuel card can prevent fuel fraud and misuse with its transparency in every transaction.

Every transaction can be viewed through an online account assigned to the end consumer.

Finally, our Esso Fleet fuel card offers an 18% corporate discount whenever you top up at any Esso outlet!

Contact us at this page if you’re interested in applying for a fuel card with us!

Tips: It’s crucial that you find a company that provides features for cost reduction. After all, that’s one of the main points of implementing a fleet management system.

2. Increased Productivity

Mentioned above, a fleet management system should increase your business’ productivity.

Let’s take a look at the various ways a fleet management system can bring upon this benefit.

  • Tracking portal

Skip the traditional way of calling drivers to locate them!

It’s going to be 2018 in a few weeks, why still live in 2008?

Track your drivers with a vehicle tracking portal provided by your fleet management company.

Instead of calling your drivers which would take usually 2-3 minutes, you can track them with the tracking portal provided by the fleet management company in simply 2-3 seconds!

How are 2-3 seconds achievable?

Log in to the web-based portal and key in your username and password (your cookies will save them the next time you visit this page). Skyfy Technology Tracking Portal

Click ‘Login’. Skyfy Technology Tracking Portal

View your drivers’ exact location!Skyfy Technology Tracking Portal

Let us look at the figures of calling over 10 drivers 3 times in a single day to locate them:

Calling drivers

2 mins x 3 times = 6 mins

6 mins x 10 drivers = 60 mins

Tracking drivers

2 seconds x 3 times = 6 seconds

6 seconds x 10 drivers = 60 seconds

You can’t stop watching this!

That’s a HUGE difference in the timings needed to locate your drivers every single day.

You can do so much more in the 59 minutes difference you allocated to call to locate your drivers daily.

Saving time on calling your drivers is equivalent to increasing your productivity.




  • Proper route planning

With route optimization and proper planning, a shorter route and time is needed to travel from point A to B to C.

Thus, it’s possible for companies to plan an additional trip to their daily operation by having proper route planning.

An additional trip sounds underwhelming?

Let’s think of it this way.

If a regular company makes 10 deliveries daily and an additional delivery is added to their daily schedule.

This would result in an 10% increase of productivity and sales!

Any business owner can tell you an 10% productivity increase is extremely beneficial to their business!

Did you know? The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), a government-approved grant, provides a funding up to 70% for SMEs to increase their productivity & efficiency!

3. Convenience

What’s the similarity between a customer relationship management (CRM) software, your neighborhood 7-11 store, and a fleet management system?

They bring convenience to end users. There’s an obvious reason why 7-11 is called a convenience store.

Did you know the phrase “roll your eyes” is listed in the Cambridge Dictionary? You don’t? *roll eyes*

A fleet management system provides convenience by reducing the steps needed to complete a task.

  • Geofence

Geofence allows you to set up a virtual barrier that triggers when your vehicles enter or exit the barrier.


Here’s a simple example of a geofence area.

skyfy technology geofence

The circular shape you see on the map is the geofence area. (Do note that the geofence area can be in any shape you desire)

When a vehicle enters or exits the geofence area, a notification is sent to the user.

Geofence can be applied to the following areas:

  • Warehouses
  • Clients’ offices
  • Prohibited areas (dependable on companies)

By having automated notifications sent to you, regular checks on your drivers can be negated.

Besides providing convenience, geofence can save your fleet a gargantuan amount of money.

Capterra has published an informative article not long ago on 4 Ways Geofencing Can Save Your Fleet Thousands Of Dollars, and it’s definitely an interesting article to read up on if you rely on geofencing for your operations.

  • Alerts and reminders

Similar to your smartphone notifications, every fleet management system has a similar function – alerts and reminders.

Instead of remembering maintenance dates by recording down manually on your trusty notebook, why not have a system to remind you?

Just don’t write my name down, please?

After all, automation is going to be the upcoming and biggest trend in 2018.




  • Job dispatch

Like route optimization, job dispatch can be an exclusive feature.

The essence of job dispatch is to assign tasks to your drivers without actually phoning them up.

Here’s how a job dispatch function should perform in a tracking portal.

Skyfy Technology Job Dispatch

The procedure is very simple, anyone should be able to pick it up immediately.

Uncle Sim… Do you think his last name is a coincidence? Or should I say… a coincidance?

After all, both UI and UX is imperative in any tracking portal or web-based portal.

Interesting fact of the day: One of the simplest ways to improve productivity is to be lazy. Only lazy people will think of the most convenient ways to accomplish their daily tasks.

4. 24/7 Live Tracking

Tracking is imperative for any companies with vehicles.

Your commercial vehicles are part of your company, why wouldn’t you want to track it?

  • Web-based portal

The core of any fleet management system, tracking portals should be accessible anywhere, anytime.

A trustworthy web-based portal will provide you with a smooth experience and quick access to your fleet.

Ensuring you own full control of your fleet’s visibility.

  • Live footages

Other than having an ‘online visibility’ of your fleet, it’s crucial to have a full live view of your fleet and their surroundings.

Skyfy Technology Live Tracking

See what I meant?

These footages can be your savior when it comes to accident frauds and claims.

  • Trip Reports

“Where have you been?”

It’s highly possible that you’ve already grilled your drivers on this topic and the same response is always given back, like how a DJ scratches a vinyl record.

Why can’t DJs go fishing? Because they always drop the bass!

What can a fleet management system do for you when that is the case?

Trip reports can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for users to view the past routes of any vehicle.

skyfy technology Report sample

Speed, location, distance and idling timings are in the report. Thus, transparency of the driver’s past actions is reflected in the trip report.




This brings us to the next benefit of our article.

Tips: Find a fleet management company that offers both web-based portal and mobile app for their software. This provides you with more options to choose from.

5. Driver Management

As mentioned, the transparency of trips reports can make analyzing drivers’ behavior much simpler.

Fleet managers are able to analyze and rectify the bad habits of drivers like speeding and excessive vehicle idling by pointing it out to them.

According to Spireon, vehicle idling is a driver behavior that costs the industry $20 billion in fuel costs each year!

Excessive idling can also cause long-term damages to your vehicles, which in turn might cost you a bomb in the long run.

Idling performed for a longer periods of time makes the engine more inefficient as a greater quantity of carbon gets accumulated in the piston face, valves, and cylinder of the engine.

Besides that, there are often many drivers with dangerous driving habits such as frequent harsh acceleration and braking in every company out there.

De piao de piao de yi de piao.

Thus, a fleet management system bestows the probability to improve drivers’ safety measures by improving drivers’ behavior.

As the sages say, prevention is always better than cure.




Pay some attention to your drivers’ behavior and you might just see the occurrence of speeding tickets and accidents greatly reduced!

Tips: Take good care of your drivers and they might just return the favor by taking good care of your vehicles.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is definitely one of the most challenging feats to achieve in any business and industry.

Especially in this ‘customer is king‘ era, it’s essential to ensure your customers are satisfied with your products and services.

One of the leading factors to why customer satisfaction is important is loyalty and repeat purchase.

This factor is indispensable when it comes to sales retention and positive word-of-mouth.

So let me ask you this question.

How do you answer a customer enquiring on his delivery status?

Do you call your driver to locate them and either get hung up or no response?

It may be frustrating but it’s a common occurrence as it’s illegal to answer the phone while on the road in Singapore.

With no response from the driver, no answer can be given to the enquiring customer.

Time is a vital essence of customer service. So, the longer time you take to answer the enquiry, the higher chance they will become unsatisfied.

Like this kid..

With live tracking and trip reports, you can learn of your driver’s current location and past routes.

And that’s precisely how a fleet management system can assist you in achieving a satisfied customer.




With a full grasp of your driver’s location, you can easily answer your customer within a few seconds.

Quote of the day: Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates

Wait, there’s more!

If you’re looking for more benefits that aren’t listed here, you can read up in my other article.

There are definitely more benefits and advantages of a fleet management system in that article as I didn’t probe too deeply into the other features.

I wanted to keep things simple and easy-to-understand for any reader, and that’s the reason why I’ve created the infographic.

Once again, if you want to share this infographic on your website, please credit it to us by embedding the url below:

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