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The role of fleet management systems in driver management

One of the key ways in which a fleet management system can benefit your company is through driver management. The GPS tracking system allows real-time decision-making and keeps your drivers accountable.

Fleet management also guarantees instant access to driver productivity and vehicle efficiency data, allowing you to manage the operational costs of your fleet better. Here we will take a closer look at how drivers can be managed effectively using a fleet management system.

  • Know where your fleet is at all times

Fleet management systems can tell you where your fleet is at all times. In fact, you will know where each vehicle has been, the time that it has arrived and how long it has stayed at that location.

With a live tracking system, the driver’s profile is generated with the use of vehicle telematics. This includes details such as average speed, the route taken, periods of rest and choice of gears.

Implementing a fleet management system therefore comes in handy, as these details are nearly impossible to track without one. Furthermore, over time, the generated driver profiles can be used to correct any bad habits and ensure that these drivers are meeting their KPI.

  • Increases the productivity of drivers

Geo-fencing, a key aspect of fleet management systems, monitors when your vehicles have entered and/or exited a certain location. This is done through creating imaginary fences around specified locations. Geo-fences can be created as polygons or circles and can be of any size.  By using this function, your fleet is unable to travel to unauthorised locations.

Hence, by avoiding the locations that they are not supposed to travel to, drivers will be more efficient in going to the places assigned to them. This will also ensure that fuel is used productively, which will lead to cost savings.

This capability of fleet management has also become essential for dispatchers and is very convenient to operate. For instance, the dispatcher will be notified via text message or email whenever any of its vehicles crosses a Geo-fence.

Additionally, fleet management systems come with live traffic updates, enabling fleet dispatchers to direct drivers around bottlenecks to improve arrival and departure times. Dispatch decisions can therefore be made accurately and quickly.

All of these aspects serve to improve the efficiency of drivers and minimise errors.

On a side note, GPS tracking systems have also been shown to allow companies to add more jobs to each working day, increasing the productivity of its workers. Many companies generally observe a 25% increase in completed work orders when they implement a fleet management system with a GPS tracking device.

  • Ensures driver safety

Safety of drivers is a close second to cost reduction when weighing the benefits of implementing a fleet management system. Fleet owners and dispatchers can also implement mandatory safety policies and be certain that drivers will follow them.

Additionally, a fleet management system leads to the correction of unsafe driving behaviours such as speeding, braking abruptly, or ignoring stop signs.

Real-time vehicle tracking, a capability of fleet management systems, allow employees to drive safely by being alerted to traffic hazards, road accidents and bad weather. Additionally, you can track and monitor the speed at which the vehicles in your fleet are travelling at.

This alerts you to drivers who are speeding or being reckless, and also prevents the occurrence of accidents. This will help your company to keep insurance costs down.

Data that is captured through navigation systems has also allowed fleet management systems to operate with great precision. This occurs through the sending and receiving of data through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and satellite-based connections.

Fleet management systems also enable you to communicate with drivers to slow down or reduce idling, ensuring the safety of drivers and allowing your fleet to be managed easily.


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