Why companies should invest in Skyfy’s Fleet Management system

Skyfy Technology fleet management

How Skyfy’s Fleet Management system will help your company

Skyfy Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore’s fastest growing fleet management systems provider, helps SMEs to manage their fleet easily at a low cost. Skyfy has become increasingly popular, with 862 SMEs trusting and utilising the company’s fleet management system.

This is the first part of the two-part series on how local companies will benefit from using Skyfy. Here we will take a closer look at three of the key reasons.

  1. Easier management of fleet

Before implementing Skyfy’s fleet management system, SMEs managed their fleet the traditional way – by calling drivers on their phones.

Sometimes, it could be challenging to get in touch with drivers as their phones were either switched off or experiencing bad reception. It was also often a very tedious task for drivers to answer calls frequently during their route. Additionally, fleet managers had to spend much time trying to get through to them – sometimes to no avail.

Skyfy’s GPS tracking system has allowed companies to manage their fleet operations smoothly. Fleet managers can now communicate easily with their drivers and locate their specific whereabouts through the system.

This has also reduced the need for manpower. In the past, these details had to be manually recorded and checked by the staff.

  1. Vehicle management portal

Perhaps the most unique feature of Skyfy’s fleet management system is its vehicle management portal. It allows fleet managers to assign last minute jobs to the drivers that are closest to the delivery location. Consequently, this saves time and fuel, boosting efficiency and productivity.

In the past, firms used to face conflicts between their drivers and the customers. Sometimes, drivers had skipped further delivery distance. This led to cases where customers gave feedback that there were no deliveries, but drivers said otherwise. However, when such issues arise now, SMEs can simply use Skyfy’s portal to verify the vehicles’ routes.

SkyFy’s portal keeps a record of your vehicles’ daily course up to 12 months. This allows conducting in-depth analyses on your vehicles and their paths. It also enables you to find the most efficient route that they can take, saving both time and cost.

This also serves as reliable evidence to protect a company’s interests.

  1. Saves money

Skyfy has been endorsed and approved by SPRING Singapore as an Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) vendor. Under this grant, SMEs can receive a voucher valued at SGD$5000 to install a fleet management system, therefore reducing the costs of installing the system.

Additionally, the monthly subscription fee is claimable under the PIC scheme after 2 years’ subscription. This allows for 40% of cash payouts. Hence, the resulting fee that needs to be paid is only around 20 dollars per vehicle.

This has helped companies to cut down on their expenses by a significant amount. Some SMEs have also reported that Skyfy’s fleet management system is affordable even without the grants and that it has helped them to save money.

Why Skyfy’s Fleet Management system is an invaluable investment

For SMEs in Singapore, implementing a fleet management system will give them a competitive edge against other companies. This is because it reduces costs, leads to greater driver safety and improves productivity.

This is part two of the two-part series on why companies should invest in Skyfy’s fleet management system. Here we look at three of the benefits that its system will bring to local SMEs.

  1. Fuel cost reduction

A fleet management system helps a company to reduce its expenses by lowering fuel costs and maintenance costs. For companies that own large fleets, fuel costs can be lowered significantly simply by implementing a fleet management system.

Skyfy’s system allows its clients to keep track of the fuel expenditure of their fleet. By analysing the vehicle’s fuel expenses history through the system, fleet managers can quickly find out what has led to an excess in fuel consumption.

Additionally, Skyfy’s fleet management system offers a full range of reports, including the duration that the vehicle has been left idle. The longer the idling time of a vehicle, the greater the consumption of fuel. Therefore, this feature of Skyfy’s system will allow fleet managers to monitor and track the time in which the vehicle was idle and come up with solutions to decrease the duration as necessary.

Another way in which fuel costs can be reduced through Skyfy’s fleet management system is its route optimisation feature. This allows fleet managers to plan the shortest routes for all jobs and reduce the excessive use of fuel.

  1. Greater productivity

Geofencing, a key feature of Skyfy’s fleet management system, allows fleet managers to set up a virtual barrier that triggers when a vehicle in the fleet enters or exits.

This prevents vehicles from going to unauthorised locations. As a result, drivers are able to reach their destinations faster, which make their time spent at work more productive.

Additionally, being able to monitor the vehicles in a fleet through 24/7 live tracking will also lead to reduced need for labour in this area, allowing managers to deploy their workers to carry out more productive work.

In the past, vehicle activity had to be manually recorded and checked every day. Now that it can be tracked with a fleet management system, fleet managers can manage their fleet with ease. Additionally, the vehicle information provided will also carry greater accuracy than if it were to be checked manually.

  1. Driver safety

With Skyfy’s fleet management system, fleet managers will receive notifications whenever any of the vehicles in the fleet exceed defined parameters such as speeding or aggressive driving.

Additionally, it comes with 24/7 live tracking, allowing fleet managers to have access to important fleet information such as location, speed, ignition status and mileage. This helps them to ensure that drivers are not performing any unsafe behaviour.

Driver safety is an important aspect of all vehicle companies. When drivers are managed well, this reduces the occurrence of accidents and allows the company to avoid mishaps.


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