The coolest innovations in GPS tracking software

Over the years, global positioning technology has continued to improve. This has led to advancements in the GPS tracking software that is used by many GPS tracking devices.

With the use of the Internet, computers and satellite technology, GPS tracking software has started to include more options than before. Currently, it contains mapping, real-time updates, web applications and simultaneous tracking.

  • Mapping

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In the past, mapping only provided a vague perspective of the actual terrain. Mapping capabilities now, however, have made significant advancement over the past few years.

Many GPS tracking softwares are integrated with resources such as Microsoft Virtual Earth and Google Earth. This means that detailed real photo maps of the location can now be provided from the device.

Furthermore, some GPS tracking devices can accommodate customized paper, digital and even marine maps. This is especially useful when standard mapping options do not provide sufficient details.

  • Real-time updates

Real-time updates are a feature of several GPS tracking devices. Depending on the software used, some can provide real-time, on-screen reporting on the exact location of an individual, a parcel or a vehicle. Additionally, this can be done at any location in the world.

With this feature, GPS tracking solutions have provided many industries with cost savings. Some of these industries include shipping, aviation, and commercial fishing. Many firms in these sectors have a GPS tracking device attached to their assets.

  • Web applications

Skyfy Technology Tracking Portal

As the speed of Internet connections continue to increase, it has become much easier to offer online-based GPS tracking software. There are some GPS tracking devices that now offer web-based access to GPS tracking software for either a monthly subscription or annual licensing fee.

Furthermore, one major benefit is that the GPS tracking software provider can constantly update it.  This leaves little room for concern for the subscriber.

Some providers will also allow for the private branding of their applications. This allows licensees to sell subscriptions to their clients. Furthermore, a unique opportunity is presented for GPS tracking dealers who desire to earn residual monthly income. This is because they can sell GPS tracking software subscriptions to customers who are purchasing a GPS tracking device.

  • Simultaneous Tracking

Now, GPS tracking software can be utilized to track, monitor and map locations of more than one GPS tracking device at one time. With the use of highly sophisticated global positioning technology, GPS tracking software enables one to see an entire fleet of vehicles on one screen. However, this is also given that each vehicle is fitted with a GPS tracking device.

Skyfy Technology contains a 24/7 live tracking feature. This means that critical fleet information such as location, speed, ignition status and mileage can be accessed at all times. In addition, real-time tracking can be viewed on-the-go with your smart devices. A stunning 360° view can be captured while your driver is on the road, ensuring accident frauds free for your company.

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GPS tracking devices and GPS tracking software have been experiencing great advancements during the last decade. As the price of GPS tracking devices continues to fall, GPS tracking has become even more appealing and affordable to individuals and companies alike. This has made it one of the best business choices in the 21st century.


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