How Fleet Management is helping SMEs

how fleet management is helping SMEs

How SMEs can benefit from Fleet Management

Fleet management systems bring great benefits to local SMEs. Skyfy Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore’s top fleet management system provider, boasts of 862 SMEs who have trusted and implemented their system. Here we take a closer look at how a fleet management system can help local SMEs to reduce their fuel costs, contribute less to Singapore’s carbon footprint and prevent its drivers from entering unauthorised places.

  1. Fuel expenditure

Skyfy’s fleet management system analyses vehicles’ fuel expenses history, making it easier to monitor, control and track the usage of fuel and how to reduce it.

Another key way in which a fleet management system decreases fuel costs is by reducing the time that vehicles are left idle. It is crucial to note that every second of idling translates to greater fuel expenditure. Imagine the high costs incurred if every vehicle in your fleet is left idle for a few hours.

Skyfy’s fleet management system also comes with easy-to-use route optimisation, allowing fleet managers to plan the shortest routes for all jobs. This reduces the out-of-route mileage of vehicles. Making diversions when travelling also results in unnecessary mileage, which consequently leads to a great surge in fuel expenses.

Another key feature of Skyfy’s system is its 24/7 live tracking feature, which enables fleet managers to identify the shortest route for drivers and prevents vehicle misuse. Therefore, a complete fleet management system would be an ideal companion in reaching your cost savings goals.

  1. Helps SMEs to go green

In Singapore, vehicles need to become much cleaner to qualify for green incentives. The government is reviewing the current Carbon-Emissions-based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS) and is looking towards adopting a more holistic approach.

The revised scheme will most likely take other pollutants into consideration, such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and particulate matter.

Skyfy’s software comes with features that help SMEs to focus on environmental sustainability, such as the monitoring of engine activity, usage of fuel and driver activities. This allows fleet managers to monitor and debunk any environmentally unfriendly behaviour.

By ensuring that vehicles are productive and travel through the shortest route to their destination, they are more efficient and less pollution is emitted.

  1. Prevents drivers from going to unauthorised places

Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with a geo-fencing feature, where a virtual barrier can be set up to monitor when a vehicle enters or exits a certain location.

This ensures that drivers do not travel to places that are out of bounds. Geo-fences have been of great help to dispatchers, who now have greater control over the whereabouts of the vehicles in the fleet. Additionally, geofences can be circles or polygons of any size, making them easy to use.

It is crucial to note that fleet management systems not only help companies to expand their economic potential, but also enables them to be more productive and manage their drivers easily. Indeed, the features that come with a fleet management system are essential for firms that hope to increase efficiency and harness on productivity gains in the long run.


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