How a Fleet Management system improves customer satisfaction

Skyfy Technology - the link between fleet management systems and improved customer satisfaction

The link between Fleet Management systems and improved customer satisfaction

One of the indicators of the success of any business is customer satisfaction. Although many companies make use of different tactics to please their customers, it ultimately boils down to effective communication and the quality of the service.

Unknown to many, fleet management systems can help firms to meet customers’ expectations. Through the data provided, both the staff and the customers can help to clear up any details regarding where, when and how the vehicle was driven. The more information the company has about the vehicle, the greater its ability to resolve conflict or disputes.

  • Remove customer-caused repairs from your budget

For rental car companies, high costs can be incurred due to a customer’s activities. This can be difficult to deal with, especially when you’re also trying to maintain customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, if you allow customers to utilise a rental car to improve your service, there should not be a need to pay additional maintenance or repair costs that could result from unsafe driving habits.

One of the good features of a fleet management system is that it documents down unsafe driving activities. This is a good way for companies to avoid dispute with their customers.

Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with a full range of reports that allows one to review driver behaviour conveniently. Fleet managers will have access to a daily trip report, weekly trip report, speeding report and idling report. From the daily trip report, managers can check the distance travelled, the maximum and average speeds and the time in which the vehicle is left idle.

In fact, with this system, managers can simply take out one of the reports and point to the exact point where damage was done to the vehicles.

Companies must understand that the main point is not winning the argument. Rather, it is about protecting their fleet and avoiding additional repair costs.

When the financial costs of customer-caused repairs are eliminated from your budget, companies can also pass the savings on to their clients in the form of discounts.

  • Good estimation of delivery times and vehicle activity

When customers complain about their delivery arriving late (or not at all), the location of the vehicle and driver activities come into question. Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with a very good 24/7 live tracking system that allows fleet managers to track their fleet anywhere with Internet connection.

Tracking data allows companies to offer accurate delivery times and the exact location of the vehicle to its customers. By being able to address customer enquiries, customer satisfaction is improved and they are likely to come back again.

Furthermore, fleet tracking can help managers to resolve complaints. This is because they have access to information such as the whereabouts of the vehicle and what the driver has been doing.

Although companies may never be able to always give their customers what they want, installing a fleet management system helps them to make effective decisions. Customers will definitely also be satisfied with the responses given to their enquiries about delivery or the service.


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