Why Fleet Management systems are relevant in the new workplace

Skyfy Technology Why Fleet Management systems are relevant in the new workplace

Robotics and automation has increased the importance of fleet management systems

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it has become crucial that firms remain productive and well-versed with technology.

Although not commonly thought of by many, installing a good fleet management system will help SMEs to reduce their expenses effortlessly and improve efficiency. It will also lead to improved driver management and smoother operations.

Companies that only operate a small fleet will still stand to gain from having a good fleet management system. Here we will look at the reasons why.

  • Lower operating expenses

One of the main objectives of SMEs is to reduce their operating expenses. This helps them to channel their resources to investing in the long-term growth of the company. However, firms may struggle to find areas to save money in.

For companies that own a fleet of vehicles, installing a fleet management system can help them to reduce their fuel costs significantly.

Many fleet management systems companies such as Skyfy Technology have allowed its clients to eliminate unnecessary travelling by tracking their vehicles. This allows them to save around up to 20% in fuel costs.

Furthermore, fleet management systems come with a full range of reports such as an idling report, where fleet managers can review how long the engine has been idling. The reports can be analysed and studied to monitor if any of the drivers have been leaving their engine idle for a long duration.

It has been shown that long idling times is one of the key money leakages in operating a fleet. If this can be reduced, firms can save a significant amount on fuel expenses.

  • Improved efficiency

Every firm wants to boost its efficiency because it means producing more outputs while using fewer inputs.

Efficiency also means carrying out tasks with little or no mistakes. This can be helpful to many firms because potential errors will not only damage their reputation, but also impede their progress.

Installing a fleet management system can also aid in improving the efficiency of a firm. One of the ways that it can do so is through driver management.

In companies that are operating a large fleet, managing drivers can be a huge problem without a proper fleet management system. However, this could lead to the recording of inaccurate information, as the data provided is often an estimate and even second-guessed if the staff are unable to verify the details.

It is also impossible to track important vehicle information such as location, speed, ignition status and mileage manually.

This reduces the competitiveness of companies, as these are actually the key details that are needed to manage a fleet effectively.

Essentially, fleet management systems will help companies to boost their productivity while maintaining low operating expenses. This can be especially beneficial to Singapore’s SMEs, where efficiency in the new economy is an absolute must.


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