Why all fleet-related industries should invest in a good Fleet Management system

Skyfy Technology vehicle tracking fleet management investment

Fleet Management systems have become a necessity for fleet-related firms

Industries such as construction and trucking are generally slow adopters of technology. One of the possible reasons for this is the financial costs for the training and acquisition required to utilise new innovations. However, installing a good fleet management system can actually help companies in more ways than they can imagine.

Here we shall explore why fleet-related industries should install a suitable and effective fleet management system.

  1. Improvements in driver safety

Many fleet managers provide quality training for their drivers. In the long run, this will help them to reduce their fuel expenses.

However, simply providing coaching and training sessions will not suffice. Guiding drivers on how to drive properly does not guarantee that they will drive safely. There is still a need to monitor, track and control their driving – all of which can’t be done manually.

With the most suitable fleet management software in place, fleet managers can accurately spot the areas where further enhancements are required.

Furthermore, with Skyfy’s fleet management system, driving behaviour can be monitored closely. Driver safety is almost guaranteed when fleet managers make full use of the 24/7 live tracking feature to access critical fleet information such as location, ignition status and mileage.

The same goes for Skyfy’s notifications feature, where fleet managers can be informed whenever a vehicle has exceeded defined parameters such as speeding and aggressive driving.

Access to driver information can also help fleet managers to implement more custom training programmes to train their drivers on how to drive in the most fuel-efficient manner.

  1. Planning the most suitable route

Performing route planning manually can be extremely tedious and inefficient. Additionally, there is no guarantee that your drivers will follow the route that you have instructed them to take.

Travelling in the most economical manner is essential, especially if the company operates a large fleet of vehicles. When drivers choose to take longer routes, fuel is wasted and the overall operating expenses of the fleet will increase.

Skyfy’s fleet management system allows fleet managers to plan the shortest routes for all jobs, which allows drivers to be more efficient with their time. Needless to say, fuel expenses will also drop significantly, as route optimisation complemented with Skyfy’s 24/7 live tracking feature means that fleet managers will know when drivers take a longer route.

Furthermore, by installing Skyfy’s fleet management system, fleet managers can compare driver performance and vehicle performance along various routes to plot the best path for its fleet.

  1. Lower fuel costs

Fuel management may seem simple, but experts in fleet-related industries will understand that it is actually a very complicated task.

Companies often strive to reduce their fuel expenses, but fuel theft and volatile fuel prices are often a cause of concern.

With Skyfy’s fleet management system, fleet managers can easily gain insight into driver behaviour. Speeding and excessive idling can be monitored closely and corrected.

Over time, you will probably realise that managing driver habits results in greater fuel efficiency than hunting for cheaper suppliers.


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