How are Vehicles Tracked?

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Ever wondered how vehicles are being tracked? Most people would think about numerous complicated steps but we’re here to tell you NO, it’s as simple as learning ABC!

In general, a fleet management and vehicle tracking system allows you to track your vehicles on your PCs with details such as speed, mileage and location. Many don’t realize how important a fleet management and vehicle tracking system is to their business. Not only they can improve their productivity and efficiency, a fleet management and vehicle tracking system can also provide convenience to businesses.

Only spectacularly awesome companies such as Skyfy Technology allows you to track your vehicles on BOTH PC & mobile! How great is that?! This means YOU can track your drivers wherever, whenever! 

Our tracking system can be understood in just 4 steps!

1. Our experienced installer would install the GPS tracker with a SIM card inside your vehicle. No hassle, just 15 minutes!

2. After our GPS tracker is installed in your vehicle, the information of your vehicle would be sent to the satellite.

3. The information sent to the satellite would then re-route the information to our system.

4. Our system would then go through a series of configuration and the accurate information would be sent out to all your devices!

That’s it! Really, that’s all about it. Of course, lots of back end work needs to be done in order for these 4 steps to proceed smoothly.

However, our experienced in-house team are here to ensure that everything goes smoothly. To contact our team, you can drop by our website or simply just call us at 6727 7627! On the other hand, if you’re an email fanatic, please email us at as our minions love to reply to your emails!


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