Why reports are crucial in any Fleet Management system

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Why every fleet management system needs good reports

One key feature of Skyfy’s fleet management system is its reports. The system offers a full range of reports for effective reviews and assets management.

At the heart of all good fleet management systems are their management reports. This is where fleet managers can track any issues with deployment, fuel usage or driver management.

Some examples of the reports used in fleet management systems are fuel reports, activity reports, summary reports and timecard reports.

  • Fuel Reports

Fuel reports analyse a vehicle’s fuel expenses history through the system. This allows fleet managers to manage its fuel costs easily.

The reports enable directors and fleet managers to come up with practical solutions to reduce the company’s fuel expenses. For companies that manage a large fleet, high cost savings can be reaped simply by cutting down on fuel.

Fuel reports also ensure that drivers are using fuel at an optimal level. Additionally, reducing fuel consumption effectively through studying these reports can help firms to reduce their carbon footprint.

The usage of fuel reports can also lead to greater vehicle efficiency. When a vehicle is consuming too much fuel, it will be accurately reflected in the report, which will allow companies to switch to more efficient vehicles and reduce their operating costs in the long run.

  • Activity Reports

Activity reports allow fleet managers to view and track what is happening on the field. This ensures that drivers are productive and have spent their time wisely on the job.

Additionally, activity reports will allow for more efficient allocation of manpower. This is because fleet managers can now deploy drivers such that more time is spent working on the job site rather than behind the wheel.

They also enable managers to harness on the geo-fencing function of fleet management systems effectively. When drivers travel to a location that is away from where they are supposed to go, it will be tracked in the activity report. Therefore, dispatchers can create geo-fences according to the unauthorised locations that drivers like to travel to and be notified when they enter or exit those locations.

Activity reports are also complemented with a 24/7 live tracking feature in Skyfy’s fleet management system, allowing fleet managers to have greater insight on the whereabouts of their fleet.

  • Summary Reports

Summary reports are a convenient way for fleet managers to have an overview of its drivers instead of getting lost in the smaller details. These are often used to allow managers to have a quick understanding of the status of each vehicle in the fleet.

  • Timecard Reports

Timecard reports track the number of hours that drivers have worked. This helps SMEs to reduce their fleet labour costs, as hours worked will be equal to hours paid.

This is also very convenient when managing a large fleet, as any errors in the reporting of working hours may lead to conflict.

Additionally, timecard reports ensure that drivers are not overworked or exploited, as there is evidence of the hours that they have worked.  This boosts employee confidence and gives them an incentive to stay loyal to the company.


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