How to Save Cost by using Fleet Management System

Skyfy Technology vehicle tracking save money

Are you one of those companies who run several company cars or fleet of trucks? If so, you would know that how important is fleet management and how it represents a complicated set of logistical issues. Yet, each day, fleet managers are tasked to allocate their fleets to work to deliver services and goods to clients in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Along with the expectation of the customer continuously increasing every year, it can feel as if they need to obtain so much more with fewer resources.

The chart below shows the difference in savings when you have a fleet management system to manage your fleet.



Vehicle tracking systems don’t only tell you where the vehicles are, but they also present you diagnostic information about fuel consumption, speed, and other operational aspects. By assessing this data, fleet manager has the ability to work out the most efficient routes, lessen fuel consumption due to extreme use of speed and streamline the operation that makes it more effective. Furthermore, fleet managers are able to generate a detailed report from the vehicle tracking system, to highlight out necessary details to their drivers.



With the collaboration between Skyfy and Esso, we provide fuel cards for our clients to keep track and save on their fuel cost. Drivers can save 16-18% on their fuel cost just by using the fuel cards. Fleet managers are able to see the fuel top-ups and transactions as the fuel cards capture all the data. Fuel cards also track your drivers’ fuel consumption and refill rate, which is essential in monitoring and maintaining visibility over your fleet cost. This prevents any fuel fraud and can significantly save companies’ fuel cost.



Collecting the data from an onboard computer and from the data fed back to the base station also offers fleet managers the opportunity to track their drivers. When a driver is continuously speeding, a fleet manager will be capable of charting this behaviour and discover reasons for it. Further, when the driver is rushing just to meet the deadlines, the manager has the opportunity to re-plan the route of the driver, letting him more time to meet deadlines and lessen fuel consumption.

While fleet management systems have been integrating into huge organizations, a saving of around 40% on yearly fuel bills have been accomplished – especially essential if you consider the continuously increasing cost of fuel.



Did you know that insurance providers reward attempts by fleet managers to lessen the chances of vehicles being used inappropriately or stolen? Thus, by using the fleet management system to your fleet vehicles can make significant savings in your insurance premiums. Moreover, real-time tracking means the quick recovery of stolen vehicles, reducing the impact to daily operations as well as costing less in repairs or replacing damaged and stolen device.




Everybody drives differently. You will find some drivers who are passive, some are unfocused and some are aggressive. When you manage and own a fleet of vehicles, you have the freedom to control what goes on the back of the wheel. Whether you install a GPS tracking system to check your driver or set a checkout system (in our case there’s the iButton) for utilizing the vehicles of the company, you guarantee that the drivers you put at the back of the wheel follow your rules and keep driving safely.



Along with a good fleet management system, you can determine the cost of keeping every vehicle and could budget for such expenses. By arranging regular maintenance for your fleet, you can reduce the risk of inducing unnecessary cost like depreciation and driver downtime in the future as well.

There are many ways in which a fleet manager like you and companies could save costs with fleet management systems. So, if reducing vehicle fleet costs are what you like, get in touch with us today and discuss your requirements.

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