The Correct Driving Posture

Correct sitting posture

Long hours of driving? Aching backs & necks? That’s right, you just read that sentence in a deep commercial voice. But no, we aren’t promoting any products and in contrast, we’re here to remind you on why a good driving posture is so important.

Varicose veins, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic back pain. Yes, unbelievable but these are the few risks associated with poor driving posture.

So, as to prevent not only backache and neck pain but also the above stated risks, a healthy driving posture is important.

Here are some easy steps to follow:

Ensure car seat distance is appropriately adjusted to your steering wheel

This is to ensure that your body, especially your shoulders and neck are in a comfortable position whenever you’re driving.

Practicing this habit would prove beneficial to your body in the long run.

Adjust your car seat to allow your back to rest in an upright position

The most crucial step to prevent chronic back pain or the commonly known lower back pain.

Sitting in an upright position straightens the back of the driver, preventing slouching which would leads to all sort of back pain and aches.

Maintaining a straight sitting posture would also relieve the stress off your spine and back muscles, reducing backaches.

Re-position your headrest comfortably

A commonly ignored step by many drivers. Adjusting a comfortable headrest is the best way to prevent neck pain.

Over the years we have seen some vehicles with horrible neck rest and some people have described it as sitting like a curled up ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-na-na.

Therefore, to prevent neck pain, always adjust your headrest to a comfortable position.


We hope this helps in your next drive home!

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