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Paperless is the new Effortless

With technological advancements, newspaper readership has lowered significantly, with many people turning to their phones and tablets for their daily news fix. Although offices have become accustomed to reading information on computers and screens, there are still many that use tons of paper.

Skyfy Technology’s fleet management system provides reports on every vehicle in the fleet, together with a 24/7 live tracking system. This allows company owners and fleet managers to access critical fleet information online, which reduces the need for paper.

The Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), which sponsors the annual campaign World Paper Free Day on 4 November, encourages individuals and firms to go without paper for one full day. Here are five benefits of going paperless in the workplace.

  1. Productivity

Going paperless in the workplace leads to increases in productivity. This is possibly one of the most compelling benefits of going paperless in the workplace. Electronic documents are instantly and simultaneously available to everyone who needs them.

This also means less time lost in transit, reduced waiting times and lowered risk of losses or damage. Going electronic will also provide companies with the potential of re-evaluating workflows to save even more time. This also enhances teamwork, as multiple people can work on different documents at the same time.

  1. Cost savings

Those 10,000 sheets of paper that each employee uses cost more than $500. Multiply that by all the people in your workplace and add in the cost of printers, copiers, toner, fax machines and other devices that can be all but eliminated.

The figures are dramatically large. Afterwards, add on the cost of filing cabinets and people to maintain them. The Paperless Project estimates that every 12 filing cabinets require one full-time employee to maintain them. Now consider that the information in those 12 cabinets can today be stored in a device that fits in the palm of your hand. That’s one reason AIIM says the ROI of going paperless is usually counted in months.

  1. Accessibility

Employees in paper-intensive businesses spend up to 40% of their time looking for documents, and 7% of documents are lost or misfiled. Multiply that by your payroll and compare it to the cost of that document imaging system you passed on last year because it was so expensive.

Furthermore, lost work time does not account for soft costs such as customer frustration, processing delays and postage. Compare the ease of a Google search to the chore of visiting a library to find information. That’s the difference electronic processing makes. Digital access is also cheaper.

  1. Security

This might seem an odd benefit to mention considering the frequency of recent cyberattacks, but electronic documents are more secure than printed ones. For one thing, digital records can be rendered unreadable through encryption. They can also be secured against printing, copying and sharing.

Access controls can specify viewing privileges to a fine level of granularity. Audit trails reveal who accessed what documents and when. In contrast, printed documents are only as secure as their proximity to a copy machine.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Imagine how much happier your time-pressed customers will be when you can satisfy their requests in seconds instead of hours, or when you can send copies of the documents they request instantly via email instead of by express courier.

A reputable records management service provider can help you archive your paper documents efficiently and convert them to images or text files as you need. They can also help you design, install and implement a comprehensive electronic document management system to help you on your way to a digital future.

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