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Singaporeans are great at adapting to major technological changes and trends, especially in this high tech era.

A few examples of major changes in our technological uses are of course our popular car-hailing app – Grab and Uber.

With ComfortDelgro and other cab services dominating the market in the past, they grew complacent and didn’t bother to tap into emerging technology.

As a result? Grab and Uber overtook them by using technology and the basic concept of convenience.

Another good example would be our smart devices such as iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. Nokia has undisputedly been the market leader for mobile phones in 2007, earning more than 50% of the market share.

However, Singaporeans have adapted to these smart devices in such a short period of time that in 2016, 73.29% of the population in Singapore already owns a smartphone.

With the rising tech adoption of Singaporeans, I’m sure that the recent trend of the blockchain technology will be adopted sooner or later in the next few years.

Hence, Skyfy Technology is adopting Crypto Payment into our system. In fact, we are the FIRST Fleet Managment company to do so in Singapore!

Below are 3 steps for payment via cryptocurrencies.

How do I make payments with Bitcoins or Ethereum?

1. Setting up a digital wallet

Set up a digital wallet online to purchase your cryptocurrencies and store them online. The one trusted platform where we recommend you purchase your cryptocurrencies is via Coinbase.

You can visit the website at and register your account now.

Ensure that you follow the verification process closely. Coinbase will send a test transaction to your account and you must verify the numbers correctly to activate your account.

2. Purchasing of cryptocurrencies

Purchase your Bitcoins/Ethereum directly from the platform and the cryptocurrencies will be transferred to your Coinbase wallet readily.

The following are the several ways you can store your cryptocurrencies:

  • Online Wallet. Example, Coinbase.
  • Hardware Wallet (Recommended when storing heavy volumes)
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Paper Wallet (Not Recommended)

To ease the explanation, we shall assume the online storing method on Coinbase, where we made the purchase.

3. Making payment

Send the amount of Bitcoin/Ethereum to our wallet address shown below. Enter the equivalent amount of money to send and Coinbase will do the calculation automatically in terms of the cryptocurrencies to be transferred based on the time the transfer is made.

Bitcoin Wallet Address: ­­­­     399MMTGLeKXSSoXftLqQJDbB5vatj2afyv

Ethereum Wallet Address: 0x0d28C1c01e3f135202CE74E8b64f8A05e04689dB 

The transaction will be processed immediately and you will be notified when it is completed.

*Do note that there is a small amount of transaction fee that will be absorbed by the service provider which will not be covered by us. Also, the price of Bitcoins/Ethereum fluctuates every single day and the amount to be sent will be based on the price when the transaction is made.


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