How Skyfy’s Fleet Management system leads to conflict prevention

Skyfy Technology conflict prevention

Conflict between customers and drivers can finally be prevented with Skyfy’s Fleet Management system

For companies that have a large fleet, the absence of a fleet management system has led to difficulty in managing the drivers. Sometimes, drivers would reach their job sites late without the knowledge of the fleet manager.

In more serious cases, drivers would park their car at a certain location to take a rest, resulting in customers not receiving their orders. When customers lodged complaints, however, drivers would deny their allegations and claim that they had delivered the goods on time.

On the flipside, customers themselves could make a false report against the driver that cannot be verified. Such conflicts are difficult to handle without a fleet management system, as fleet managers cannot track the vehicle’s location at that point of time.

With Skyfy’s 24/7 live tracking system, fleet managers can now access critical fleet information such as location, speed, ignition status and mileage.

Additionally, with Skyfy’s fleet management system, there is no need for managers to continuously check on the vehicle. This is because the records of your vehicles’ previous trails are stored in the system, consequently allowing one to access up to one year of history records. This includes speed, idling and driver behaviour records.

SMEs testify on Skyfy’s Fleet Management system in helping them to reduce conflict

SMEs that have installed Skyfy’s fleet management system have testified that it has helped them to reduce misunderstanding and conflict. Here we will take a closer look at what different companies have said about the system, and how it has helped them to manage both their customers and drivers better.

When asked how the company used to manage its vehicles in the past, Hwa Soon Paints Pte Ltd, a paint and hardware dealer said “We couldn’t really manage them properly. We had to call our drivers frequently to figure out their exact location. We are often caught in between our drivers and customers. Now (with Skyfy’s fleet management system) it is smoother as I can give an answer to our customers directly.”

Some companies also faced complaints from customers that could not be verified before installing Skyfy’s fleet management system. When asked if there were any improvements upon installing Skyfy’s system, VS Catering, an Indian food caterer, said “In the past, there were conflicts between our team and the customers. There were times where the drivers may have skipped further delivery distance. There will be cases where customers feedback on no deliveries but the drivers said otherwise. When these issues arise, we can use SkyFy’s portal to verify the vehicles’ path. “

Absolute Liquor, a wholesaler of alcohol products and beverages, has testified to this as well.  “We can monitor our drivers and make sure that they are really doing their jobs properly. Before this, we didn’t really manage our vehicles, we simply ask the drivers to deliver to the locations.” The company said.

Skyfy’s fleet management system has also helped SMEs to manage its drivers effectively, which will reduce conflict between customers and drivers.  “Whenever our customers contact us to enquire about their deliveries, we had to constantly call our drivers. They usually have difficulties providing accurate information such as estimated arrival time, location and so on. They are often unavailable to answer our calls. With SkyFy’s system, we can easily instruct the drivers to make delivery at their nearby location.” Best Business Furniture, a furniture retail business that deals mainly with commercial furniture.

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