Why SMEs should choose Skyfy’s Fleet Management system

Skyfy Technology Why SMEs should choose Skyfy's fleet management system

The success behind the Fleet Management system provided by Skyfy Technology

Objectives help companies to create a competitive advantage in the business environment, and Skyfy Technology Pte Ltd is no exception. While several fleet management systems promise cost reduction and effective driver management, this company sets even higher standards to keep its clients satisfied.

From increasing the efficiency of your fleet to improving the security of company assets, here we will look at the reasons why you should invest in Skyfy’s fleet management system.

  1. Increases the operational efficiency of your fleet

With Skyfy, you can improve the ability of your company to deliver products in the most cost-effective manner. Furthermore, you can do so while still maintaining the quality of your products, support and services.

Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with 24/7 live tracking and web-based monitoring. Fleet managers can access critical information about their fleet from any location. Furthermore, they can do so with their PC, mobile phone or tablet.

Fleet managers can also use the system to issue work orders detailing the time, routes, stop locations and the service description to the drivers at the start of every working day.

Clients of Skyfy have cited our fleet management system as easy-to-operate and convenient. More importantly, it has helped them to manage their drivers well, leading to better coordination and improved delivery times.

  1. Reduces operating costs

Skyfy’s fleet management system makes use of fuel cards to track vehicle expenditure. Fleet managers can use them to analyse fuel expenses history, preventing fuel theft.

Additionally, Skyfy’s system provides idling reports of each vehicle in the fleet. These reports can be studied so that the right policies can be implemented to reduce idling time for your vehicles.

Did you know that every second of idling translates to greater fuel expenditure? Imagine the amount of fuel your fleet consumes just by remaining idle for a few hours!

Skyfy’s fleet management system also comes with easy-to-use route optimisation, allowing fleet managers to plan the shortest routes for all jobs. This reduces the out-of-route mileage of vehicles. Making diversions when travelling also results in unnecessary mileage, which consequently leads to a great surge in fuel expenses.

Another key feature of Skyfy’s system is its 24/7 live tracking feature, which enables fleet managers to identify the shortest route for drivers and prevents vehicle misuse. Therefore, a complete fleet management system would be an ideal companion in reaching your cost savings goals.

  1. Improves the productivity of employees (drivers)

Driver management can be a tedious task, especially if your company operates a large fleet.

Before companies started using Skyfy, some reported that they would hire workers to manually check the status of each vehicle. This was frequently done by calling drivers for updates on their location and status. The drivers also had to report to them on critical fleet information, which was recorded at the end of each working day.

However, this often led to the recording of inaccurate information, as the data provided was often an estimate and even second-guessed if the details cannot be verified.

Without a fleet management system, customer complaints cannot be justified. This could result in poor conflict management and reduced customer satisfaction. Drivers will also be unhappy if false allegations were made against them, leading to decreased motivation to work and lower productivity.


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