Who Stole My Car? [EP 1]

Car theft

What happens when your vehicle gets stolen?

There are TEN scenarios that could happen:

1. Immediately report it to the authorities and WAIT (for god knows how long) for them to recover your vehicle.

2. Immediately contact your insurance agency for claims.

3. Panic and run around in circles.

4. Google ‘what to do when my car gets stolen’

5. Post online (usually on Facebook) for help and hope it goes viral.

6. Panic and run around in rectangles.

7. Call your boss (if you’re employed and owns the company vehicle) and wait for him to explode on you.

8. Leave Singapore (if you’re employed and owns the company vehicle) and NEVER EVER come back.

9. Cry.

10. Learn from your mistake and install a GPS Tracker on your vehicle from Skyfy Technology to prevent vehicle theft/unauthorized usage. Even if your vehicle gets stolen, you can track it on your mobile devices (how convenient!) and provide the EXACT location to the authorities to do their work. Furthermore, you can kill your engine to prevent the thief from driving any further! These are just a few Fleet Management features of a vehicle tracking system for your vehicle recovery!

We’ve released 2 episodes of ‘Who Stole My Car’ and in this episode, Mr. Suay has lost his vehicle due to nature’s call and he panics while he calls his employer. FORTUNATELY, Mr. Suay’s employer, Mr. Heng, has Skyfy Technology’s GPS Tracking System installed in the company’s van.

With just a call to Skyfy Technology’s super duper awesome Technical Support, Mr. Heng obtained the van’s exact location and instructed Mr. Suay to recover the stolen van.

As Mr Suay went ahead and recovered the stolen van, he discovered the thief, Mr. Yao was currently consuming the lunch that Mr Suay has bought.

Henceforth, Mr Suay recovered his stolen van and lived happily ever after………..

Or will he……?

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