Taking a closer look at fleet tracking benefits

Skyfy Technology Fleet tracking benefits

Fleet tracking comes with more advantages than most think

Often, it is not easy to run a business, especially when there is a need to manage and keep track of your vehicles. Without being sure of each vehicle’s location, it can be exceedingly difficult to choose the best routes and improve efficiency.

This leads to lost time, excessive mileage, wear and tear and high fuel consumption. Hence, at this point, fleet tracking becomes an invaluable tool in fleet management. Thankfully, Skyfy Technology’s vehicle tracking system comes with 24/7 GPS live tracking, where critical fleet information can be accessed in real-time.

The GPS fleet-tracking software operates alongside a piece of GPS hardware that is installed in the vehicle. It makes use of global positioning systems (GPS) to track drivers and vehicles in real-time. Additionally, it provides users with access to real-time updates and alerts by utilising the data that is transmitted from the vehicle to the software operator.

The main objectives of a fleet management system are to improve the management of vehicles and lower operating expenses. However, there are several more advantages of installing a fleet tracking system.

  1. More streamlined operations

One of the functions of a fleet tracking system is to monitor a variety of metrics. Some examples of these include idling times, driving routes, vehicle locations and driver down-times. Fleet managers make use of this to monitor their fleet and address areas of concern.

For instance, data that is accumulated over many months might show that drivers on a particular route are spending excessive time being held up by traffic. Consequently, with this knowledge, the fleet manager can evaluate the route and make changes to it as necessary. This helps to conserve time, improve efficiency and reduce fuel consumption – all of which will lead to improved operations.

  1. Greater security

In the event of a car accident or theft of a vehicle, fleet tracking software can be utilised to monitor, track and control vehicles. It can also be used to track who has been given access to the vehicle, and consequently detect any unauthorised use.

Skyfy’s vehicle tracking system comes with an immobiliser, where the ignition of the vehicle will automatically be disabled in events of unauthorised access or vehicle theft. This ensures driver safety and prevents vehicles from getting stolen.

  1. Uncompromised safety

Fleet tracking systems may also contribute to improved road safety. The software is able to identify unsafe driving practices such as excessive idle time, hard braking or sudden acceleration from a stop.

With this information, companies are able to investigate any issues with driver behaviour. Consequently, they can initiate a discussion with the employee before it turns into an aggravating situation. Fleet managers will also receive notifications whenever any of the vehicles in the fleet exceeds defined parameters. Some examples would include speeding, aggressive driving or failure to comply with road safety regulations.

Essentially, with a fleet tracking system, productivity can be improved across the board while significantly lowering fleet operations costs. For this reason, fleet tracking systems are utilised heavily by fleet managers and have become a necessity for many companies.


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