6 misconceptions about Fleet Management

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The key misconceptions surrounding Fleet Management

Fleet management helps minimise the risks that are associated with having a large fleet of vehicles. This improves the company’s productivity, efficiency and lowers its transportation and labour costs. It also provides full compliance with government legislation.

However, there are many misconceptions surrounding fleet management, which impairs many companies from fully maximising its benefits or even utilising it wrongly.

#1 Every Fleet Management system is the same

Fleet management systems are generally designed to perform similar functions. However, the value of each system often depends on its “feature checklist”.

Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with 13 key features, namely web-based monitoring, 24/7 live tracking, mobile dispatch, buzzer, fuel expenses history, notifications, servicing tracker, geofencing, immobilizer, Ibutton, route optimisation, driver behaviour and reports. By installing Skyfy’s system, company owners can use a wide range of features that will definitely help them to be more efficient with their vehicle.

Having a full range of reports of your fleet is also very important. Fleet managers must be able to pull data and show management the necessary information to make justifiable decisions. Essentially, not all systems operate the same way.

#2 Fleet Management is a sinking profession

In the coming of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, many believe that fleet management has become an outdated notion. It is also a common misconception that technological advancements and outsourcing will soon replace fleet management.

However, these beliefs are not true. In fact, the rise of robotics and automation has made it doubly crucial that companies invest in a system that reduces their operating expenses effortlessly – what better way than installing a fleet management system?

It is also good to consider that fleet management systems are becoming more advanced.

Fleet management systems are very reliant on technology. As technology progresses on, companies that provide these systems will work towards increasing their efficiency, making them even more appealing to customers.

#3 Fleet Management systems are too costly

Some fleet management systems are definitely costly to invest in, but not all are expensive. A good fleet management system will help companies to reduce spending in areas where they are going off-budget, helping them to optimise their resources. Often, not installing a fleet management system will actually cost you more money than having one.

Skyfy has been endorsed and approved by SPRING Singapore as an Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) vendor. Under this grant, SMEs can receive a voucher valued at SGD$5000 to install a fleet management system, therefore reducing the costs of installing the system.

Additionally, the monthly subscription fee is claimable under the PIC scheme after 2 years’ subscription. This allows for 40% of cash payouts. Hence, the resulting fee that needs to be paid is only around 20 dollars per vehicle.

This has helped companies to cut down on their expenses by a significant amount. Some SMEs have also reported that Skyfy’s fleet management system is affordable even without the grants and that it has helped them to save money.


#4 Installing a Fleet Management system is too difficult

A good fleet management system provider will help you to make the implementation process as simple and easy-to-understand as possible. This could be done through training, legacy data imports and technical support.

The provision of training is especially important for the success of a fleet management company. This is because there are several things that clients need to learn about a fleet management system. Without training, they will not be able to utilise it to its fullest ability.

For Skyfy, upon subscription, intensive training will be carried out by our staff to provide in-depth knowledge and ability to use the fleet management system and all relevant features. Our customer service team is glad to answer any subsequent queries that you might have.

If additional training is required, clients are encouraged to make an appointment with the staff at no additional charge

#5 Only big fleets require a Fleet Management system

Fleet management systems are beneficial for all fleets, regardless of size. Essentially, the size of the fleet does not change the fact that you want to lower spending and boost profitability.

With a fleet management system, company owners can manage their workflow, improve customer service and compile reports easily. Additionally, it can help you to identify areas that need to be improved, placing your company in greater stead.

However, smaller fleets will definitely have fewer needs than a large organisation. They are likely to need a more basic system. The fleet management system that they choose to install needs to be easy to operate as they are likely to have fewer users.

The fleet management system that they choose will also be at a much lower price in relation to their requirements and size.

#6 Reports rarely provide clients with useful data

One common misconception faced by many is that fleet reporting systems rarely produce useful information or data. Skyfy’s fleet management system comes with a full range of reports for effective reviews and assets management. This helps provide fleet managers and company owners with a complete understanding of its fleet operations.

These reports can also be used to identify and address any potential issues that might have been overlooked before. Through studying and analysing the reports, company owners and fleet managers can check for any money leakages or track driver behaviour.

Fleet management system reports also help to boost productivity and come with insights that could be imperative in enhancing the efficiency of operations.


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