Why you should start tapping on government grants

PSG government grant

Let’s face it, your business is lagging behind your competitors. Your competitors are already using the latest technology to boost their business’ productivity and sales, while your business is still in amidst of adapting to the technology of 2 years ago. Everything is rising, and you can’t pump out additional resources to outrun your competitors. You heard of the PSG grant, what is it?

Business Grants

As of 1st April 2018, 3 business grants – ICV grant, Landscape Productivity Grant (LPG), and SME Go Digital Programme have been integrated into one giant grant, the Productivity and Solutions Grant (PSG). This particular move was to simplify the various grants and integrating them to construct a centralized platform for local SMEs to apply for grants. The PSG grant serves a specific purpose – to equip local SMEs with the technology they need. With the Industry 4.0 in place, automation of operations and processes have been in demand by businesses all around the globe.

This new initiative grants a support funding of up to $30,000 with 70% subsidization (depending on the vendor), for SMEs to tap on to implement various integrated solutions. With this new scheme, you can now tap on it and compete with your competitors.



Fleet Management

Do you operate your business with at least one vehicle? If so, how do you calculate the expenses that the vehicle incurred? How do you know the expenses incurred are actual, and not falsified? Most importantly, how do you even track your vehicle?

Side note: Do you believe you can track down your vehicles in 5 seconds? Head over to to see for yourself!

VTS 4.0

Can you automate all these processes mentioned above? Sure you can, with our newly revised Vehicle Tracking System 4.0 (VTS 4.0). Here’re a few features from our VTS 4.0:

Track Vehicles In 5 Seconds

Tracking down your vehicle location isn’t limited to calling your drivers and asking where they are. Utilizing smart technologies such as GPS tracking eliminates the need for manual effort. Furthermore. it only takes 5 seconds to locate ALL your vehicles. Just take a look at the gif below.

The time it took for me to track our client’s vehicles was exactly 5 seconds. You can see how easy it was to login into our tracking portal and the clear visibility of the vehicles on the map.

Mobile Responsive

Unless you have been hiding under a rock like a pink starfish, you would have seen how mobile browsing has transformed into the norm of browsing. That’s precisely why we have prioritized and developed our tracking portal for mobile usage. Meaning, users can access our tracking portal with their mobile devices anytime and anywhere as long as they have internet access. This convenience feature has already increased our clients’ business productivity by 2-3x as they are often out of the office.

Driver Recognition

Do you know who is driving your vehicle right now? You wouldn’t know if the drivers swapped and drove the vehicles without informing you, right? So what happens if they get into an accident and deny that they drove the vehicle? Hence, with our driver recognition feature, you can know the driver for the day. Moreover, our driver recognition feature is compatible with our engine immobilizer. The engine immobilizer is a device that allows the user to cut off the engine by using their mobile devices. The compatibility of the driver recognition and mobile immobilizer means that the driver will be unable to start the engine without recognition. This prevents any unauthorized use of your vehicles and keeps it safe from any harm that might happen.

Tapping On PSG For Fleet Management

As one of the pre-approved vendor under the PSG scheme, we are glad to announce that on top of the subsidization from the grant, we are also offering a FREE TRIAL on our system. With the free trial, you can witness how we empower businesses with our state-of-the-art GPS technology. To find out how you can qualify for the free trial, head over to this link –>



If you’re interested in how A*STAR has collaborated with us on their latest Artificial Technology, you can read their article here –>

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