GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking

Skyfy Technology provides an extensive GPS tracking system that incorporates all functions anyone could envision in a GPS tracker.

The Sweden-assembled system also allows a day-to-day, fuss-free monitoring and analysis of the various statistics through an archive of daily reports. Through these reports, companies can save up to 20% in fuel and maintenance costs as they find the most efficient way to manage their vehicles.

Our GPS tracking device encompasses a plethora of operations and services that provides critical vehicular information like location, speed, mileage, as well as ignition status.



Critical Vehicular Information


Locate your drivers in mere seconds!

Skyfy Technology GPS tracking


Capture speed for any trip made by your drivers!


Get accurate information about mileage and fuel consumption!

skyfy technology gps tracking

skyfy technology gps tracker

Ignition Status

Detailed information about your engine status!

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