Last Mile Logistics Management System

Last Mile Logistics Management System

With Singapore pushing hard as a center for innovation, it’s imperative for businesses to follow suit too. Hence, Skyfy has collaborated with Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) on the latest innovation – the Last Mile Logistics Management (LM²) System.

What is LM²?

Last mile logistics refers to the last step of the delivery process to the end user, which in this case, your clients. Skyfy’s LM² system is an innovation that allows both fleet managers and drivers to communicate seamlessly with its Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. Integrated with Skyfy’s proprietary GPS vehicle tracking system, the LM² helps business better manage their fleet and drivers while meeting their clients’ requirements.

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Last Mile Logistics Management Skyfy v1

The AI algorithm by A*STAR simplifies the fleet managers’ workload by automating the process of planning delivery routes and even carrying forward and reallocating unfinished or unassigned jobs to drivers for the next day. This reduces the time spent on the planning process by more than 50%, which is a huge boost to a business’ productivity. Integrated with Skyfy’s real-time vehicle monitoring and route optimization technology, deliveries can be sped up to at least 20%, reducing waiting time and increasing the number of deliveries. Furthermore, as routes and delivery timings get shorter, fuel and manpower cost can be reduced by at least 20%.

Few of Skyfy’s valued clients such as Air Connection and La Belle Collection have tried out and installed Skyfy’s LM² system. The end result? A 25% increase in their productivity along with a 30% savings in both time and cost.



Ad-hoc jobs automation

The thorn that pricks every business in the logistics industry – ad-hoc jobs. With Skyfy’s LM² system, last minute orders can be automatically allocated into the drivers’ route schedule, while allowing businesses to seamlessly communicate updates to their clients. With the sudden addition of the ad-hoc job, the reallocation of the ad-hoc job will not clash with any unfinished jobs. Unfinished jobs can be automatically allocated to drivers that are within the area, ensuring every job is finished at the end of the day.

Furthermore, not only will drivers get the jobs and fulfill them, but the fleet manager will also be able to get a live update on the status of the jobs, improving your business’ efficiency and reducing human errors.



Toggle seamlessly between vehicles

Last Mile Logistics Management Skyfy

The LM² system allows fleet managers to view their drivers’ delivery schedule and route in one look. So say goodbye to all the excel files and papers that the fleet manager uses for route planning.

“SMEs often lack visibility in their last mile operations, making it challenging for them to respond to unplanned incidents” – Mr. Joseph Ng, CEO of Skyfy Technology

Henceforth, the LM² system enables businesses to monitor, track and control their vehicles in real-time, allowing them to meet their clients’ demands while streamlining their operations.

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Skyfy Technology is the first and only Fleet Management System company to license this AI technology in Singapore. To receive a free trial of our LM² system, just answer a few questions and you’re set! 



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