Live Tracking

Live Tracking

How about tracking your drivers with live video and picture footage?

Skyfy Technology offers GPS trackers that allows you to view live footage of your vehicle’s interior and exterior while tracking your vehicles!

Benefits Of Live Tracking


Possess a substantial case against accidents and frauds with live video footages!

Skyfy Technology Live Tracking

skyfy technology 360 live tracking

360° Live View

Capture live or record footage with NO blind spots!

Improve Driver Behaviour

Utilize footages to point out bad driving habits and improve it!

skyfy technology driver behaviour

skyfy technology car theft

Theft & Vandalisation Prevention

Prevent theft and vandalisation with Skyfy's exclusive 24/7 live tracking sticker!

24/7 Awareness

Know what is happening around your vehicle 24/7!

skyfy technology 24/7 live tracking

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