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Driving To Success

Being the CEO of Skyfy Technology, Mr Joseph Ng is far from the run-of-the-mill entrepreneur. Passionate, focused, and with an undying drive to go to the ends of the earth to achieve success, Skyfy Technology grew more than ten-fold, from a small 4-man team to today’s strength of 50 in less than 2 years under Mr Ng’s charge. Yet, Mr Ng was never always this successful. He failed multiple times, and had gone through numerous ups and downs in life. These accumulated experiences built up Mr Ng’s resilience and cemented his never-say-die attitude.


Mr Ng may seem to have achieved success now with Skyfy Technology, but he has never had it easy. “Those who see me now might not believe it, but I actually failed my O-Levels when I was in secondary school. I had to retake the exam as a private candidate and managed to secure a spot in Pioneer Junior College. It wasn’t easy but I studied really hard to get into Nanyang Technological University, taking up the Accounting major. Midway through school, I switched my degree and eventually graduated with a Marketing major and Entrepreneurship minor My experiences have taught me that anything is possible, only if you put your mind to it and try your best.”

Mr Joseph Ng’s academic years has groomed him into who he is today, an entrepreneur that has emerged through the hard and difficult times, with several values he holds dearly to. One of Mr Ng’s fundamental belief when it comes to his approach in life and at work is that one makes one’s own luck. He believes that success boils down to hard work, perseverance and determination.

Mr Ng was not brought up with a silver spoon. His father ran a small provision shop whereas his mother was a housewife. He began tinkering with small businesses when he was younger. It was during his National Service days that he came to realise his calling in life – to become a full-fledged entrepreneur.


“One of my biggest motivation in life is to create things that make a positive impact in people’s lives. Uncertainties are opportunities. When something seems to be impossible or difficult, I want to make it happen. This is how innovation begins. If a process has traditionally taken 3 months, I will ask, why not 1 month? What can be done to improve or streamline the process? What can I do to make the lives of the people around me better? I believe that these questions are critical to success.”

This innate curiosity of Mr Ng has been an extremely handy tool in his toolbox in his entrepreneurship journey. He approaches each issue with the intention of making it better, faster, more effective, and more efficient, by asking the right questions and probing in further. In this way, he cuts through the layers of the issue, gets down to the bottom of it, finds the root cause and creates a tailored solution to it.

This curiosity is also what spurred Mr Ng into the fleet management industry in the first place. Mr Ng recalled being back in New York a couple of years back, along Madison Avenue. He looked down the street and apart from the rows of branded shops selling luxury goods, the only vehicles he saw were trucks. That was when he realised that logistics is an industry that is a major touchpoint in the lives of everyone, be it online shopping, or sending out mail, or travelling from point to point. At that point, he knew he wanted to strike it out and revolutionise an industry that would be here to stay.


From investing in Skyfy Technology in 2016 and eventually taking over as the CEO, Mr Joseph Ng attributes Skyfy Technology’s success to two main factors. Firstly, the industry veterans who provided guidance and shared their pearls of wisdom to help mould Mr Ng into the leader he is today.

“One influential teacher is Mr Lim How Teck. A humble and sincere man, he is a great inspiration to me and many others in Skyfy Technology. His years of experience and know-how has been paramount to the direction which Skyfy Technology has taken, and would be moving towards to in the future. Another role model is Mr Desmond Lee. It was extremely encouraging and motivating when he gave advice on how to handle certain situations, and shared his perspective on various issues. Learning from both of them, Mr Lim and Mr Lee, who have been there and done that, has been a metamorphic process for me.”

Mr Ng is also deeply grateful to his long-time staff members, Hendri, Sunny, Victor and Angie, for believing in the company and staying with the team through thick and thin to ensure Skyfy Technology’s success.

Another vital factor to Skyfy Technology’s success is attributed to the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) grant that SPRING Singapore provides to SMEs. Skyfy Technology is a pre-approved ICV vendor, and this stamp of approval has propelled the company up and beyond, setting the direction for the company to scale outside Singapore’s shores and into overseas territories. Mr Ng strongly believes that technology is Skyfy Technology’s DNA, and with the ICV acting as a springboard, Skyfy Technology can leapfrog forward to invent more products and bring more benefits to fellow SMEs alike.

As Skyfy Technology continues on its path towards cementing its position in the local and international markets, Mr Ng, together with his dedicated Board of Advisors and team are sourcing for local and overseas partners to forge collaborations and bring Skyfy Technology to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia. With superior technology combined with an astute understanding of local SMEs and their needs, Skyfy Technology is poised to climb and reach greater heights.

Publishing Information: ASME Entrepreneurs’ Digest | Mar/Apr 18 Issue 78


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