Skyfy Technology is the future logistic enabler for our local SMEs, I believe in it. The potential that Skyfy Technology possess is going to be limitless in the near future.

I’m overjoyed that not only Skyfy Technology has over 1000+ SMEs subscribed to our services, but the interaction we have with them.

Numerous clients are willing to leave testimonials for us as they believe in our GPS tracking system, that alone, makes me the happiest.


Skyfy Technology Joseph Ng Kim Wah
Joseph Ng Director of Skyfy Technology

The system brings about convenience and saves up quite a bit of time in our delivery management.

With Skyfy’s system, we can easily instruct the drivers to make delivery at their nearby location.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client Best Business Furniture Testimonial
Best Business Furniture

Skyfy Technology Testimonial - Hai Lian Enterprises
Hai Lian Enterprises

The system is quite easy to use.

The camera on the GPS device is useful in the event of any accidents or incidents as we can have evidences to protect ourselves or to verify who was at fault.

Skyfy Technology Upplite Testimonial
Upplite Trading

The system has been fairly easy to use.

We can keep a closer eye on our deliveries because we can track their location and even previous trails our vehicles have taken.


Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client Hong Heng Testimonial
Hong Heng Food Marketing

After installing Skyfy’s system, I can now easily delegate jobs because I know the locations of the drivers.

I can now make last minute changes to their routes for delivery to customers in their vicinity.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client Sin Hwa Testimonial
Sin Hwa Coconuts Industrial

In the past, there were conflicts between our team and customers on no deliveries done by the drivers but the drivers said otherwise.

When these issues arise, we can use Skyfy’s portal to verify the vehicles’ path.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client VS Catering Testimonial
VS Catering

I have been using the system for 4 months and I would rate it 5/5!

We are often caught in between our drivers and customers. Now it’s much smoother as I can give an answer directly to our customers. I must say it’s very helpful.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client Hwa Soon Paints Testimonial
Hwa Soon Paints Pte Ltd

We definitely will renew our subscription with Skyfy after the 2 years span! The system has been very helpful in our day-to-day delivery operations.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client Tong Heng Testimonial
Tong Heng Engineering Pte Ltd

I liked that there was good after-sales support and follow up!

Geofence is our favourite and utilized most out of all features as it notifies us when our drivers arrived at their delivery destination or when they have returned to the warehouse.

Skyfy Technology Vehicle Tracking Client KWS Timber Testimonial
Kwong Wah Seng Timber Trading Co Pte Ltd