Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles anytime, anywhere on your PC or mobile devices! Our 24/7 Live Tracking feature captures vehicular information such as mileage, speed, idle timings, and location.

Our Sweden-assembled system also allows a day-to-day, fuss-free monitoring and analysis of the various statistics through an archive of daily reports.

With our fully-spec vehicle tracking system, you will be able to access everything you need, from just ONE portal! 

All your favourite features

Google Maps

Track your vehicles in your All-Favourite Google Maps! 

Skyfy Technology Google Map

skyfy technology Onemap


Zoom in so close that you can see any HDBs you want on OneMap! 


Set up a virtual barrier and get notified when your vehicles enter or exit the barrier!

skyfy technology geofence

skyfy technology dispatch optimize

Job Dispatch

Assign tasks and deliveries to any driver without calling them!

Past Routes

Find out your paste routes taken with drawn tracks!

skyfy technology draw track

skyfy technology Report sample


Get your data & statistics from daily, weekly and monthly reports!

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