Waste Management

Waste Management Solution

With Skyfy’s Waste Management Solution (WMS), waste management companies no longer have to worry about their waste management operations, cost, jobs dispatching, as well as missing assets.

The goal for our Waste Management Solution is simple. We provide a clear visibility of your assets (waste trucks, bins) through our integrated Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. These two technologies integrate seamlessly to provide users with a clear ‘eye’ to see where their waste trucks and bins are.


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Issues faced by Waste Management Companies?

A waste management company often fall into issues as seen in the image below. These issues can stockpile with the ending result of the company incurring a high operational cost, and that’s what Skyfy’s Waste Management Solution is for – to reduce cost and increase productivity.

Waste Management Issues

What Is A Waste Management System?

The Latest Technologies Infused Into One
GPS Tracking
NB IoT | Sigfox
Why choose Skyfy’s Waste Management Solution?

As the #1 GPS Tracking System provider in Singapore, we wanted to integrate our GPS Tracking services into more platforms. As such, we’ve decided to incorporate GPS technology with the ever-rising technology – Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). After extensive Research & Development (R&D) sessions, we have integrated these two technologies and developed our very own Waste Management Solution.


How does it work?

The way our Waste Management System works is simple. Firstly, users can assign our devices to their drivers, where the drivers can use it to scan the waste bin that they are collecting or deploying. They can even snap a photo of damaged bins so that it can be arranged for repair and maintenance.

Secondly, drivers can choose between the options of “Deploy” and “Collect” to allow users to know the bins’ statuses.

Lastly, drivers can sign to acknowledge that the bins are being either deployed or collected to sum it up. This process will then be updated in our Waste Management Tracking Portal (see below for more information) within seconds!

Waste Management Tracking System Mobile Application


What differs us?

At Skyfy Technology, we take our clients’ UI and UX seriously. As such, we built our Waste Management System’s portal to suit our clients’ need. We have designed out a Dashboard for our clients to easily view the statuses of each waste bin. In just a look, users can know exactly whether their bins are properly utilized, optimizing operations and productivity of waste management companies. Furthermore, the Dashboard is updated LIVE. Hence, users can almost immediately receive updates on their waste bins’ statuses and dispatch jobs to their drivers accordingly.

Interestingly, we have put out 4 movable panels for our users to even better understand their bins’ overall count. These panels can be dragged and placed anywhere in the portal for users’ convenience.


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Alternatively, if you wish to directly purchase our Waste Management Solution and equipment, you may apply for the PSG grant and receive a 50% funding for the cost of the equipment (capped at S$20,000).

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